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Hippotherapy - Therapeutic Riding

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A therapy method using the horses natural movements with the aim of social and motor skill development. It is an important therapeutic, educational aid aimed at children and individuals with special needs, including disabled people, mentally handicapped and autism among other conditions.

Therapeutic riding combines the basic concepts of classical riding with the theoretical foundations of rehabilitation. Effects of this are reflected in improvements in cognitive level, motor, relationship and social skills.

This type of therapy under instruction thus becomes a dynamic intervention in a stimulating and relaxed atmosphere.

It is intended for all individuals with special needs of any age, providing they do not have a condition which prevents them from riding.

Why the Horse?

The horses movement produces about 60-75 three-dimensional movements per minute. Equivalent to the normal human movement.

The horses back encourages the correct sitting position.

The movements of the horse provide the central nervous system of the rider a large inflow of sensory stimuli.

Promotion of fundamental experiences for the development of motor, cognitive, communication and social skills.

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